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History of Bagru Print Bed Cover
Hand Block Printing on Textiles is printed in Rajasthan since 500 Years. In this Technique Natural Colors and Dyes are used for Print the Textiles. Mainly Chhipa Community from Rajasthan is Mainly involved in this Traditional Printing on Textiles. Bagru Village of Rajasthan is Full of this community, Bagru is Famous for its Vegetable Dye and Mud resist (Dabu) Block Prints. This traditional Art has been passed down from one Generations to Another Generations within the Families and Communities.
In Traditional Bagru Block Printing, Traditional Plant Based dyes are developed within each family and kept alive from Generation to Generation and Communities.Quality of Colors dependends on the Quality of the Plant, the water and skill and knowledge of printing masters. This is a Azo free Dyes, which is not harmed to Human Body.

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